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Experts in End-to-End Solutions

We know what it takes to support successful data centers and enduring partnerships. In mission critical environments, solutions-driven products and implementation are key drivers for successful data centers—that’s why Ambient products can be found in the most demanding sectors of the world.

The Complete Application of Our Products

From start to finish, we are the single source of responsibility for our clients in delivering complete solutions from the country’s top manufacturers to ensure proper integrated design.


We deliver solutions through our understanding of product sizing and capacities, thereby expediting the space requirements and budgets early in the design phase.


We provide product drawings that include performance, dimensions, weights, and more to ensure that site infrastructure requirements (like power and water) are met.


In our documented specifics, we clearly delineate power, water, weights, and size requirements, along with materials and construction methods, to ensure that our client receives exactly what they want with no unforeseen costs.

Start-up and Commissioning

We’re on site prior to and throughout the installation process to certify that all equipment requirements are met and units were installed properly—no matter where the project is located.

Fully Customized Solutions

Our company was built on responsiveness, ingenuity, and professionalism, which are the values we uphold throughout each project. Our in-house engineering, product knowledge, and field support, coupled with our top-tier manufacturing partners, allows us to meet the unique needs of customers nationwide.

Because of our extensive reach, we are able to offer individual problem solving, tailored designs, and complete assistance with budgeting, purchase specifications, buy-outs, start-up, warranties and solutions for the products we represent.

Emerging technology

Ahead of Emerging Technologies

All of our employees prioritize their ongoing education— especially when it comes to becoming experts in cutting-edge HVAC tech.

From direct-to-chip liquid cooling to magnetic bearing chillers to the latest refrigerant technologies, our in-house specialists are able to answer all of your questions and assist in finding the best solution for your project.

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Unparalleled Service & Support

Performance Optimization
Our startup services include full integration of the design, construction, and operations, so that your data center runs smoothly and efficiently.

Extend Equipment Life Cycle
We provide reliable maintenance and support to maximize your data center infrastructure, ensuring the best ongoing performance of your assets.

Compliance Peace of Mind

With our commissioning services, all the components, systems, and equipment within your data center are designed, installed, and tested according to your organizations’
compliance requirements.

Product Spotlight

Toshiba Uninterruptible Power Systems
G9400 Series UPS

The Toshiba G9400 Series Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) brings the time-proven design and industry leading efficiency, reliability, and performance of the G9000 Series to a new level. The G9400 Series features the latest generation of advanced Carrier Stored Trench Bi-Polar Transistor (CSTBT) IGBT technology, the “engine” of the UPS. The G9400 technology allows for high power density in a small footprint and 97% on-line efficiency at various loads making it ideal for large Colocation or Hyper-Scale Data Centers around the globe.

Toshiba spotlight

Working with the Ambient Collective

With our network across the country, we can provide what very few companies supporting mission critical can: the designing, commissioning, and ongoing service of our products with national coverage.


Entrust Your Data Center Project With Us

With locations coast-to-coast, Ambient is equipped to help you design and implement data center solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Reach out to learn how our teams can help you.