HVAC Collective Ambient Releases 2023 Emissions Update

New York, Dec. 29 Ambient Enterprises, the parent of HVAC sales representatives such as Gil-Bar, APA HVAC Technologies, Mechanical Technologies, H.C. Nye, and recently DMG HVAC and Johnson Barrow, shared it’s 2023 emissions report Friday through its site.

“Understanding our environmental impact and driving sustainable change has been a major focus for Ambient in recent years. The 2023 Emissions Update reflects on Ambient’s continued commitment to environmental stewardship and emissions reduction efforts in conjunction with the company’s nationwide growth. The goal of this publicly-available report is to embrace a culture of accountability and transparency within the HVAC community and to encourage others to join Ambient in the collective push toward a greener future.” says Jenna Prasad, Sustainability Engineer at Ambient.

Ambient is a collective of HVAC design and implementation experts, offering solutions for spaces in the healthcare, commercial, and residential sectors.