HVAC Collective Ambient Releases 2024 Sustainability Report

By: Ambient Enterprises

Ambient Enterprises, the parent of HVAC sales representatives such as Gil-BarAPA HVAC TechnologiesMechanical TechnologiesH.C. NyeDMG HVAC , and Johnson Barrow shared it’s 2024 sustainability report Thursday through its site.

The report focuses on the company’s environmental responsibility initiatives and highlights its efforts to incorporate sustainable practices nation-wide, while providing comfort and safety to clients. Overall, the HVAC collective aims to create a greener future by advancing sustainability within the wider HVAC industry.

The report also highlights the company’s peer education initiatives on both the East and West Coasts, offering comprehensive learning opportunities for industry professionals.

With the release of the 2024 report, Jenna Prasad, Sustainability Engineer at Ambient, answered a few questions regarding the HVAC group’s sustainability program.

Q&A With Jenna Prasad, Head of Sustainability at Ambient

What is Ambient’s position on sustainability?

Spanning 15 states and two coasts, Ambient and our brand partners are united by the same core value: our people. Our mission is to create a better world for our employees, manufacturers, customers, and communities. In the face of issues like climate change, pollution, and public health challenges, sustainability can’t just be a consideration or an afterthought. Instead, we integrate our commitment to environmental and social responsibility into our operations, business model, and decision-making processes.

How has Ambient’s sustainability program grown over the last year?

The development of our sustainability initiative mirrors the expansion of Ambient itself. Since 2021, our presence, market, and reach have more than doubled, and we’ve transitioned from tracking the carbon footprint of 11 offices and one fleet to that of over 40 offices and seven fleets nationwide. This growth brings challenges, but it also introduces fresh perspectives and new opportunities; our brand partners are equally invested in sustainable design and operations, and they continue to foster the initiative’s growth across all locations.

How does Ambient support customers through sustainable HVAC solutions?

HVAC systems play a significant role in building energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions– and they’re also vital to health, safety, and comfortability in our homes, schools, hospitals, and workplaces. It’s our job, and that of the entire construction industry, to protect our natural environment while prioritizing the wellbeing of our clients and communities within these spaces. Our customers know this, too, which is why so many of them have committed to the incorporation of emissions reduction and energy management strategies in their projects. We help our clients achieve their sustainability commitments by actively promoting the most cutting-edge, energy-efficient technologies available to the market. But innovative tech isn’t enough. Our true strength lies in our ability to provide expertise through all stages of a project; from initial design to installation, operations, and service, we’re able to support the integration of sustainable principles from start to finish.

How does Ambient support sustainability through peer education?

Part of developing a better future for our communities lies in support and active engagement. One way we do so is by offering comprehensive educational resources to our community members. Through our peer education programs, which operate on both the East and West Coasts, we provide in-person and online learning opportunities for industry professionals across all backgrounds and regions. These programs cover a wide range of industry-relevant topics and are often hosted in partnership with top manufacturers.